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Artistic Astronaut iPhone Case

Artistic Astronaut iPhone Case

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Start Exploring the Universe!

A vibrant design of an astronaut holding a telescope and gazing up at the stars. Its 3D Creative Pattern allows for visual detail, while its 0.7mm thickness provides superior protection without compromising your device's slim profile. The perfect accessory for any space enthusiast!

Design: Made from high-quality soft liquid silicone, this phone case is designed with precision using a 1:1 mold to ensure a perfect fit for your device. Its straight-edge ultra-thin design provides a comfortable hand-feel. The lightweight construction and non-slip texture enhance the overall user experience.

Hand Lanyard: It comes with a convenient Hand-Strap Lanyard for added portability.

Protection: It offers full-body coverage, extending higher than the camera, screen, tempered film, and lens, ensuring all-inclusive protection. The precise hole positioning guarantees easy access to all essential functions without compromising safety.

Built to Last: This phone case is not only stylish but also durable. It's washable, waterproof, and designed to resist scratches and dust, keeping your device in pristine condition.

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